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Use Geotran to clear your circuits!

Use Geotran to clear your circuits!

Are you 100% happy, healthy, and satisfied with your life? Can you even imagine a life of ease and grace? Geotran can help clear blocks in your bio-computers and align you with your divine blueprint so that your natural gifts and genius can shine once more!

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Learn to use Geotran yourself!

Learn to use Geotran yourself!

You can learn how to clear your own circuits, and to reset/reboot your bio-computers every day! Geotran is able to clear and reset the neural pathways, and doing that every day will restore all parts of your system. Click here for more information on Geotran Classes.

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Human Design System

Human Design System

HD is an intricate system that maps out your inner circuitry with precision. If you know what your circuits should be, then we can use Geotran to clear, integrate, and open up the flow of energy to previously inaccessible parts of your life.

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Levels of Relationship

Should we, or shouldn’t we?  I can’t tell you how many times clients ask me if they should get involved with someone… or regret having been involved with someone… or need help recovering from involvement.  And mainly it’s because they don’t understand the basic principles of friendship, especially for intimate, romantic, or sexual relationships. Sexual…

New Coaching Program!

The LightWorks Coaching for Excellence Four years after I started learning Geotran, I  trained as a Life Coach at the Coach’s Training Institute in San Rafael CA.  Because I love Geotran — and it’s so effective — I somehow lost sight of CTI’s values-based coaching approach, which can be as valuable and builds more momentum…

Dr. Kyre Interview

Check out Geotran here! I just had a wonderful interview with Paul Skidmore, founder of Wellie a new iPhone app that connects clients and wellness advisers.  For more on this innovative app, click HERE. Here is the link to the interview — see what you think!  Dr-Kyre-18-March-2021

Interview – Mastering the Moment

Interview with Shazna Jai Yesterday — 6. January 2021, the day of Epiphany — I was invited by the fabulous Shazna Jai to have a conversation about Mastering the Moment.  Here’s a link to the replay: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ch4gssf2xr2kojs/KA%2BShazna%20Interview%206-Jan-2021.mp4?dl=0 And if you’d like to find out more about Shazna Jai’s work, this is a link to her…

The Spirit of Giving

The Spirit of Giving It’s the winter solstice today, the turning point of the year, the end of harvest (gathering in) and beginning of sharing or distribution. Yesterday, two conversations came together in my mind related to giving, especially at this time of year. Conversation 1: I arranged a Christmas Eve dinner with the other…


Magnificent doesn’t mean perfect! Yesterday I woke up feeling magnificent. Every human is designed for some kind of magnificence, and we each have our own particular flavor or signature. My own signature is brilliance, and on a good day I both exhibit brilliance in my life and work and being, and also appreciate it in…


Today’s Convo with Kyre Yesterday I had a most interesting conversation with my Human Design colleague RM.  She wanted to understand why she simply didn’t want to follow any of her previous careers, and chose to discuss this with me because I have made similar pivots at various points in my life:  chef to textiles…

Pivot Points, Coda

Pivot Points, Coda As I was thinking this over a few days later, I noticed a few things about my own pivot points – and of course these patterns may or may not apply to anyone else.  The high points: There is a period of discomfort prior to the pivot, just like Ken Wilber describes…

Pivot Point, Part 2

PIVOT POINT, Part 2 This morning it came to me that, for most people, their identity is bound up in what they do.  In a male-dominated world, the divine masculine yang energy of expansion is paramount, so we do things because we can, regardless of the end or side effects.  (For example, only in a…