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Yesterday I had a most interesting conversation with my Human Design colleague RM.  She wanted to understand why she simply didn’t want to follow any of her previous careers, and chose to discuss this with me because I have made similar pivots at various points in my life:  chef to textiles workshop, to architecture, to Geotran, to coaching, to running two nonprofits.  I know what it’s like to seek what one is here for, what lights up the soul and lets it shine.  I found Geotran that way:  I saw that the architects around me were more passionate about architecture than I was, and ‘saw’ that I could be that passionate about … what?  I went on a road trip, found Dorothy Espiau, and also discovered I had a genius for what she was teaching.

Perhaps that is not so surprising, because Geotran is all about cleaning off that inner ‘gem’ of excellence so that it sparkles, letting in the light of God so that you can read your own records – the truth of you.  We use Geotran to re-align you with your divine blueprint, or what you agreed to do, be, and have in this lifetime on this planet.  Once you are fully connected to ‘you’, you will naturally emanate your own genius and brilliance to the world.

Now, RM is a futurist, so of course she gets bored when faced with ‘this is the way things are done’.  Ever since we met three years ago, I’ve had in the back of my mind that it would be fun and mutually productive to hire her for one of my nonprofits;  however, her position is that (in corporation-run America) there is not much difference between corporations and nonprofits.  And she is right, of course;  most nonprofits spend their time raising money and servicing their hierarchy rather than expending their funds on whatever projects fit under their umbrella.

Furthermore, she and I are in total agreement about the rise of the divine feminine (even though it’s not always obvious from the outside social/cultural perspective).  The divine masculine is all about doing… regardless of the mess it leaves behind.  It’s an outward yang energy that undertakes things ‘because we can’.  This is why we have a left-brained bias in our culture, because the focus is on this particular detailed part regardless of the big picture or knock-on effects.  Now, I’m rather left-brained myself (despite 23 years of Geotran), but RM is right-brained, and her genius is developing new patterns in alignment with the divine feminine.

Now, even those of us on the forefront of developing the divine feminine don’t really know what that looks like – yet.  We do know that the divine feminine is a yin energy:  inward, contracting, right-brained, patient and orderly.  Like most of our mothers, the divine feminine cleans up the mess;  at the same time, this energy is about ordering what you desire and then receiving it.  It’s not about doing, doing, doing;  it’s about aligning with what you want and then letting it come to you.  This is a challenge when we have 5,000 years of left-brain yang patterns telling us that action is all that counts.

The key is embracing our dreams and desires, and then ordering with passion!  I asked RM what she is passionate about, what makes her light up inside when she imagines her perfect day.  She spoke for a while about new ideas and their application to social constructs, about new ways of working, living, even making clothes.  “If only I could spend every day thinking, with a staff of grad students to do the backup research…!”

There we had it:  she wants to start a think-tank focused on the future world we are creating in the Now.  That is a sufficiently compelling vision that she will have no trouble finding support.

What are you passionate about?

What does your ideal day look like?

What is your vision of work and play that causes your heart and field to light up?

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  1. RM -

    Hi Kyre- these are great questions, but it was so helpful to discuss them with your reflection back of what I said. I had never even considered that a futurist was a thing. And maybe it’s not- in this system. But you gave me hope and courage to believe that I can create my own “role” and the universe will support it.

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