New Coaching Program!

The LightWorks Coaching for Excellence

Four years after I started learning Geotran, I  trained as a Life Coach at the Coach’s Training Institute in San Rafael CA.  Because I love Geotran — and it’s so effective — I somehow lost sight of CTI’s values-based coaching approach, which can be as valuable and builds more momentum than simply using Geotran to clear issues in the bio-computers.  Put the two together, and well…!

Are you ready to put yourself first?  You can only give to others — your family, kids, friends, clients, your job — if you are making time and space to be YOU, to make yourself a priority, and to focus on being the YOU that you are designed to be, according to your unique divine blueprint.  Even those who love and value you can keep you in the box of their needs and expectations.  That can only lead to frustration, resentment, and mediocrity.   By putting on your oxygen mask first, you become able to make more excellent choices, and to give, help, serve, teach, and allow those around you more effectively.

So… here are some questions:

  • Has COVID lockdown sparked some new directions and priorities for your life?  It sure has for me!

  • Are you prepared to strike out in new directions — if only you knew how/what/where?

  • If you allowed yourself to have new possibilities, where would that lead you?

  • Are you willing to bring your new dreams into life and form?

  • Is it time for you to make a fresh start as YOU?

Do you need more LIGHT in your life?  The Glory of God is intelligence, and intelligence is truth and light.  The more light you allow in, the more your own truth will shine, like rainbows refracting from your inner gem of excellence.  Imagine all the benefits of better vision, light-heartedness, more humor and hues!

If it’s time to switch on your light, the light and truth of YOU, then this brand new approach may be just the ticket.  If you feel a heart-response to work with me on this level, here’s what it involves:

  • Four months of weekly one-hour LightWorks Coaching sessions to switch on that light, and keep it switched on.  This can be by phone, but Zoom is easier and friendlier.

  • Unlimited quick answers and clearings to keep your light shining on your records.

  • Happy homework to keep your light expanding between calls.

  • Wonderful continuous resets and reboots to keep you moving forward.

  • Clearing your divine connection so that you can feel constant support and guidance.

I am only accepting four qualified people for this new program, so if it interests you — if you can see and feel the potential benefits — contact me HERE with LightWorks Coaching in the subject line.  Let’s go!