Integrations and Activations

Geotran is based on Clearings and Integrations;  clearings clean up your inner bio-computers and/or meridians, and are especially good at going back to an unresolved trauma in the past and releasing it there.  Geotran Integrations work directly in the bio-computers of Light, Life, Love, and Bliss (and other parts of the human system) to bring you and your goals into alignment.  Both clearings and Integrations use the coding language of Geotran — numbers, points, and geometries — to make changes to the energy circuits in the field.  Change the field, and you will change the physical.

Phoenix Activations are similar in principle, but different in execution or technique.  (Why ‘phoenix’?  Because that’s what my intuition said.  Their purpose is to help you rise from the ashes, to be reborn at a higher frequency.)

In the last few months, I have ‘heard’ and tested several 52 sacred-geometry processes under the umbrella of Phoenix Activations.  All of these Activations operate in the human energy system, whether in bio-computers #5-12 or the human field in general.

There are four bio-computers that have four Integrations each, developed by Dorothy Espiau and copyrighted by Geotran International.  I have no desire to violate their copyright, although I do have permission to use those Integrations in my Geotran work.  This leaves eight bio-computers that have no Integrations;  for those I have developed the following Activations using sacred geometries only.  This makes Phoenix Activations very easy to use and teach!

Click here for a list of the 32 Phoenix Activations Bio-Computers Expanded.

Pure Activations:  in this case, pure means that they do not correlate directly with the bio-computers, but light up other parts of the human system. Incidentallly, these Activations work equally well on individuals, groups, or ‘things’ such as companies or countries.

Here’s a checklist for the twenty Pure Phoenix Activations.

HD Gate Activations:  There is a separate group of 64 Activations that relate directly to the 64 Gates of the Human Design System.  By using these, we can activate or define Gates and Channels that will benefit your circuitry in a very direct way — similar to a transit passing through that specific Gate or Channel.

Here is a checklist for the Gate Activations:  Gate Activation Checklist

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