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Have you ever had one of those defining moments, when you absolutely KNOW your purpose on the planet?  A purpose that draws together your past experiences, your skills, your expertise, and braids them all together into a sparkling present — and future?  Well, after 24 years of being a Geotran practitioner, 20 years in personal coaching, a dozen years of architectural training, and various European experiences, I found mine:  I am a Fairy Godmother.

So what is that exactly?  You know the legends and fairytales where a crone (i.e., a woman beyond menopause) combines with an alchemist (one who magically combines the natural and supernatural forces) in order to fulfill the deepest desires of the heart?  Yes, that’s a fairy godmother!

Another way of looking at it is this:  the Grace of God is the generosity and blessings bestowed on us by a benevolent God/Spirit/Ain-Sof/Universe.  Of course, that is neither masculine or feminine in nature.  Yet we are now experiencing the divine feminine inbreath of God (after five thousand years of the divine masculine outbreath of God).

The nature of the divine masculine is doing, especially when it comes to provision and protection.  Those five millennia have naturally given rise to mostly masculine Gods, and to cultures/societies that have valued men over women, and action over being.   The divine feminine, on the other hand, is all about order (putting things in order), ordering (I’ll have this, and this, and that), and receiving.

Men or women, we are not trained to receive… to give, yes… to take, to steal, to do without, to lose, to dissipate, to earn, and to struggle around, but not to simply receive.   Think about it:  how would your life be different if you could identify, accept, and allow your desires, put in your order to the Universe, and allow yourself to receive?

In that respect, a Fairy Godmother could be just what you need, because as an archetype, the Fairy Godmother is one of the ways to bring that Grace into the physical world.  Fairy Godmothers — and there are many of us scattered around — are generally benevolent, generous, somewhat maternal (although detached), and eager to see people reach their potential.

As a Fairy Godmother, I’ve had my share of miracles, so I know what I’m talking about.  My part is to elicit your desires, clear any blocks, wave my crystal wand (with sound effects), and invoke the Grace of God to bring miracles into your life.  Your part is to identify the deepest desires of your heart and immortal soul, and open yourself to receive.  «ting!»

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