Does Geotran work?

Here are some words of appreciation from a variety of clients:

Wow!  I am still integrating the swiftness of the clearings and the positive changes this healing modality brings about.  I feel lighter than I have in years.  This method could save people years of therapy and medical intervention.  Thank you for your expertise and all you bring to the table.  Mary H, California

Geotran is brand new to me.  I didn’t need to know how it works to have the experience of transformation.  I came to my appointment with Dr. Kyre exhausted from two months of high anxiety and my heart racing most of the time.  After the session my nervous system and heart rate went from a 10 (overwhelmed) to about 0-3 (calm and balanced) and has remained such.  I do believe that any method is only as good as the one applying it and the degree the recipient is willing to heal.  Dr. Kyre is the perfect balance of right and left brain expression, therefore she is able to combine her straightforward, no-nonsense knowledge with her intuition and compassion and light touch.  I’m happy to say that my session with Dr. Kyre and Geotran has been the most transformational session of my entire life!   Zarah, Kauai, HI

The [Gems Intro] class was remarkable. I love how easy it is and who doesn’t want to upgrade their life?!  I am so grateful for all the knowledge shared. Thank you Dr. Kyre Adept!  You are a rock star!  Sandy F, CA

I began working with Dr. Kyre in a 3-month program and immediately began noticing that my dreams and goals expanded for both my career aspirations and joyful leisure pursuits. Following a clear goal outline, I was kept accountable and learned how to navigate my customized journey through listening to intuition and working toward goals with faith that it will happen!  Her tutelage has been priceless and the program has extreme value, can’t thank her enough for the confidence I’ve acquired and the perspective I now possess!   H.W., Boston

I still don’t know how she does it, but ART of Integration sure works. Fears that affected me all my life are just gone!  I have more physical energy, too.  J.T., San Luis Obispo CA

I had two hot spots show up in my mammogram;  we did one session before my scheduled biopsy, and after half an hour on the table, the surgeon gave up because he couldn’t find anything to examine.  What a relief!   K.N., Arroyo Grande CA

The issue always takes me by surprise, yet it makes so much sense of my symptoms.  This work is amazingly effective, too; I feel better and better.   L.J., Sedona AZ

I’m so delighted that I discovered Dr. Kyre Adept!  I’d been having a mysterious pain that baffled doctors and kept me up many nights.  After one visit with Dr. Kyre and using her recommended remedy, I haven’t felt that pain since.  I was amazed!   J.F., San Luis Obispo

Dr. Adept is an excellent practitioner and working with her is a pleasure.  Her history in the esoteric arts and her thorough and deep knowledge of Geotran allow her to access the tools needed to help her clients. Her openness and intuition enable her to see to the heart of the matter, and allow the healing to unfold. I highly recommend a session with her.   S.T., herbal author and educator, BC Canada

Thank you for a great session!  As always, your guidance allows us to identify the topic to be addressed more easily.  Thank you for the amazing way you resolve the major obstacles on the path of life.  After a session with you, I get to enjoy moving in the direction I prefer more smoothly. Many thanks with great appreciation!    AW, Brooklyn

My back feels amazing now after nearly a decade of continual pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you. No one who has ever worked on it has helped it feel this good, let alone make the pain completely disappear.  Darren, Santa Barbara CA

When I met Dr. Kyre Adept in 2001 I was at a crossroads in my life and very lost in terms of my personal life and the kinds of choices I was making. Dr. Adept’s gift of spiritual intuition has put me back on track;  many times her advice and teaching has enabled me to be in the right place at the right time.  Over the years, I have tried and researched many methods and modalities.  This is the only path I have encountered which lets us identify and remove whatever is  affecting us negatively on a spiritual level (which of course  manifests on a physical level).

Dr. Adept’s methods are thorough, quick and effective, clearing blockages and delivering in an hour the results that many people spend years of therapy and thousands of dollars in fees without ever achieving.  This work has brought me to realizing my true purpose and recognizing the real power and truth that has been given to me to fulfill my part in God’s Plan for the rest of my life.   F.M., Jamaica

I recommend Dr. Kyre to anyone who wants a life-changing experience.  Other than giving birth to my daughter, her work has been my best gift from God.  After having sessions now for several years, it is something that I would not live without…  K.K., Morro Bay CA

I am very thankful for the work that I experienced with Dr. Kyre.  Her heightened awareness of energy brings forth a new way of healing for the planet.  When my life is really in the muck, Dr. Kyre quickly provides me the understanding to clear the experience I am having.  Working with Dr. Kyre always brings back joy and clearer vision for my life.  Her humor and kindness are wonderful, and she is an advocate of love, joy, and abundance for your life.  I highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking a higher quality of life!   D.P., Oro Valley AZ

Geotran has opened the door into a whole new world of hope!  After every session, I feel more energized and alive and more myself.  Instead of staying stuck, now it’s like “Oh, so that’s what has been happening!  That’s not so mysterious!”  I had a pretty good job before, and now I’m making more at a place that has a better atmosphere and I’m attracting better people.  The future is bright and open for me to discover!   R.P., Aloha OR

In an hour, we got rid of anxieties I’ve had all my life!  I still don’t know how it works – I’m just thankful that it does!   J.T., Paso Robles CA

I actually clicked my heels as I went down the hall an hour ago!  I CANNOT believe how incredibly ENERGIZED I feel after we work together!   are truly a miracle worker and I am so pleased that I was led to you at this time in my life!  Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!   Melinda, SK, Canada

What’s YOUR next step? 

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