HD Consultations

Need some help in your exploration of Human Design?

To be utterly transparent, I am not formally trained in Human Design analysis — yet.  However, I do find HD fascinatingly accurate and detailed, and I love helping people get a glimpse of Human Design in general and their Rave Charts in particular… especially with Asteroids, and from an Emergent HD perspective.

My experience as a Geotran consultant suggests that people pay more attention when there is an energy exchange.  (Otherwise, because I am a helper/responder, I wear myself out giving my time and intuition, while the recipient takes it all for granted).  Because I’m not a certified HD analyst, I don’t charge the ‘official’ price, nor do I ask for my Geotran rate.  I think $60 per hour is a fair exchange, plus $60 for a full written report (which it takes me an hour to prepare in the background).  So…

$15 — Advanced 13-page Rave Report with colors and tones

$60 — one-hour personal consultation, including 13-page detailed Rave Report

$60 — detailed written report with Type, Authority, Strategy, Gates and Channels, Profile and Incarnation Cross

$90 — written report as above, with the addition of Asteroids

If this interests you, send an email to [email protected], and we’ll set up a video call.  Make sure to mention your time zone — I’m now in CST.  Oh, and I’ll need your

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • Birth time, including am or pm

  • Birthplace

By the way, I accept cash, checks, PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, or CashApp, plus direct deposit using Zelle.

For online payments, click here — and please leave a note so I know what you’re paying for!


Let the fun begin!