It’s time to turn on the LIGHT — the divine light in you!

Are you ready to know and allow what you are here for – the purpose and plan for your life?
Is it time for you to move forward with your own excellence, knowledge, and talent?
Are you willing to invest in your own future to create a life of ease and grace?
Can you imagine feeling happy in your heart and spirit all the time??

LIGHTWORKS Coaching for Excellence is a brand-new program that combines the technical clearings of Geotran with the interactive methods of life coaching to create uniquely powerful and effective ways of reshaping the way you approach your life.  We humans are designed to connect with our divine blueprints, and to live with ease and grace, to create lives that are happy and fun.  This may not seem likely when you look at your past traumas and future anxieties, but it really is possible to live your life in the present, and as YOU, with your own unique qualities, passions, and purpose.  In fact, for leaders, coaches, and therapists, only by being YOU — by resolving your own glitches — can you possibly work cleanly and effectively with your own clients.

  • Are you ready to know and allow what you are here for – the purpose and plan for your life?

  • Is it time for you to move forward with your own excellence, knowledge, and talent?

  • Are you willing to invest five months to create a life of ease and grace?

So many people feel stuck, mediocre, suffering, or simply in limbo — and of course COVID has not helped.  Is that true for you?  Both life coaching and Geotran are designed to help you find a new alignment with your divine blueprint and your core purpose;  together, they create quick and profound changes so that you can focus on what you are most passionate about.

Most people have access to their own records, to their own truth;  what many need is more LIGHT.  With LIGHTWORKS, we shine more light on your default (and therefore automatic) behaviors/beliefs/feelings.  As we shift these, we restore your choices and possibilities so that you can experience more light in your life and simply to BE more brilliant in yourself.  With LIGHTWORKS we work together to turn on YOUR light so that you can make permanent changes and enhancements to your life.  It works like this:

  • Five months of weekly two-hour sessions to switch on that light, and keep it switched on.

  • Unlimited quick answers and clearings to keep your light shining on your records — your truth — for more intelligent choices.

  • Happy homework to keep your light expanding between calls.

  • Wonderful continuous resets and reboots to keep you moving forward.

  • Clearing your divine connection so that you can feel constant support and guidance.

The results?  You get create to your uniquely happy, prosperous life… and we’ll do it together, with fun, lightheartedness, ease and grace.  That’s how LIGHT WORKS!

Here is a recent client’s appreciation from Brazil:

Dr. Kyre is a little piece from the stars 🌟 that I was lucky to find.  She is very present, quick, and intuitive doing a type of coaching that I cannot put in words but I have become addicted to over the past two years. But luckily I don’t have to because she has the ability to psychically hear your energy field, find the answers for you, and clear all that no longer serves you.  She is super quick and very articulate which makes the whole process very efficient, fast and thorough. In one session one is transformed!  Then I got addicted to her series of five sessions, and did a bunch!  Dr. Kyre is pure, wise, focused and eager to help. I highly recommend her line of coaching…

Interested?  There are four spaces available, starting on 1. February, 2021.  The investment is $10,000 for the five-month program.  Payment is accepted via checks, direct bank transfers, PayPal, credit cards via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or BTC or ETH cryptocurrency.  Click HERE to register and compare schedules.

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For a sample session — for free — sent an email here with LIGHT WORKS in the subject line.  I look forward to hearing from you!