The Theory behind LIGHTWORKS

LIGHTWORKS is designed for those who wish to align all levels and layers to live at a higher state of self-awareness and awakened consciousness, with power and purpose.   LIGHTWORKS is especially fabulous and valuable for leaders, therapists, and coaches.  It is focused not on your purpose, or your business, or your clients, but on helping restore the YOU of your divine design.  Once you are YOU, in the NOW, you can create whatever you desire:  the best clients, income, purpose, health… whatever your your divine blueprint has for your life, ‘better than imagining’.  Can you see/feel/hear that in your heart?   Woohoo!

According to Geotran (the language of all possibilities), the Glory of God is intelligence, and intelligence is truth and light.  Above every glory is a higher glory, which means that above every truth is a higher truth, and above every light is a higher light.

The truth is the data that is encoded in every cell;  this data is arranged on rings and read by light – just like a CD or DVD.  We can slip a CD-ROM into our computer, and with the right laser light, we can read the files and change the programs in our computer.

The same is true of our inner bio-computers:  we each have the equivalent of hardware, software, wiring, data storage (think ‘hard drive’), programs, operating system, CPU, and so on.  These inner bio-computers govern various parts of our lives.  The coolest part is that we are also the programmers of our own self-aware living systems.  Like every other human, you have a unique Blueprint of Creation that details your life path and your purpose in this lifetime.  This does NOT mean that everything is predetermined – how boring that would be!  It does mean that your overall path was agreed between you and God/Spirit/All-that-IS before you came into body.

So much for theory!  In practice, most of our time and energy goes towards amplifying that truth and light so that we can live a glorified life – whatever that looks like to you.  To me, it means being in alignment with my own Blueprint of Creation as much as possible.  When you’re in alignment with that blueprint, life proceeds with much greater ease and grace because you are on the right path for you – the YOU you’re designed to be, on track with your divine purpose.  We each have a multi-faceted Gem of Excellence inside us, and when the light of God shines on that, it sprays color hues all around.  That’s what makes us HU-man:  our hues – and a sense of humor!

The LIGHTWORKS program is a unique combination of life coaching with Geotran coding to reset, reboot, and restore your alignment with your divine blueprint.  Together, we bring more light to all your soul systems – to what you think, feel, believe, and desire.  We clean and clear all the facets of that inner crystal so that you can shine and sparkle with your own brilliance – which is your purpose, to be fully YOU – and then to do/be/have/serve according to your divine blueprint.


Dr. Kyre Adept, PhD, has been working with Geotran since 1997 – that’s 24 years of daily practice, work with clients, and teaching Gems of Excellence, the program focused on the Light Computer.  Originally trained as an architect, Dr. Kyre transferred to spiritual engineering because it’s more fun and focused on excellence!  She also trained as a life coach at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California in 2000-2001.  With LIGHTWORKS,  Dr. Kyre is thrilled to offer a new and unique combination of technical and intuitive clearings for those wishing to use a whole-brain approach to life.  For more information on books in the Spiritual Integration series, click HERE.

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