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Geotran: whole-brain integration

Geotran: whole-brain integration

Are you 100% happy, healthy, and satisfied with your life? Geotran can help clear blocks in your bio-computers and align you with your divine blueprint so that your natural gifts and genius can shine once more, quickly and efficiently, with ease and grace!

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You already have all the resources you need to create your happy, healthy, prosperous life... Maybe all you need is to turn on the LIGHT! LIGHT WORKS combines Geotran and values-based life coaching to bring more light to your records.

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Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother is the human form of the Grace of God, manifesting your heart's desires. You cannot earn Grace; you can only ask. The divine feminine is all about ordering and receiving, and Grace is the mechanism through which you learn to receive!

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Pivot Points, Coda

Pivot Points, Coda As I was thinking this over a few days later, I noticed a few things about my own pivot points – and of course these patterns may or may not apply to anyone else.  The high points: There is a period of discomfort prior to the pivot, just like Ken Wilber describes…

Pivot Point, Part 2

PIVOT POINT, Part 2 This morning it came to me that, for most people, their identity is bound up in what they do.  In a male-dominated world, the divine masculine yang energy of expansion is paramount, so we do things because we can, regardless of the end or side effects.  (For example, only in a…

Spiritual Silliness

Spiritual Silliness I was listening to an inspired Geotran call last night that urged us all to stay out of strife, because that is one of the tools of this world, and it blocks our blessings. Now, as someone who is political by nature, that’s a hard one to hear sometimes, and yet I do…

Being Yourself, Part IV

Being Yourself Part IV In Human Design, being ‘you’ is about following your Type, Authority, and Strategy, plus your Incarnation/Profile/color/tone, and so on.  In Geotran, we ask, “Am I 100% ME?”  If not, what percent?  What do I require to be 100% me?  How many ways am I contaminated, assimilated, or possessed right now?  For…

Being Yourself, Part III

Being Yourself, Part III Conditioning and contamination leave you in the pigeonhole of another’s expectations, and that always ends up in mediocrity, the enemy of excellence.  It all comes back to knowing who and what you are, and making choices from your authentic self rather than your role in your family, religion, football team, or…

Being Yourself, Part II

Being Yourself, Part II — Narcissism Why is it important to break free of your conditioning and be wholly who you are?  In most humans, that is the way to be/do/have what you are here to experience, with increasingly conscious choices and decisions.  However, there is an exception to this guiding principle, and it can…

Being Yourself, Part I

Being Yourself, Part I As I continue my research into Human Design, the emphasis is being who you are designed to be, as shown in your Rave Chart.  Geotran human programming also seeks realignment with ‘who you are’ as expressed in your Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation.  Both worldviews work on the assumption that you…


Waiting to Respond I’m going through (yet another) binge of Human Design study, and it’s just fascinating, especially for a detail-oriented person. The first thing anyone learns about their own Rave Chart is their Type, Authority, and Strategy;  go to the HD page for further articles on each of these concepts.  I am a pure…