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Geotran: whole-brain integration

Geotran: whole-brain integration

Are you 100% happy, healthy, and satisfied with your life? Geotran can help clear blocks in your bio-computers and align you with your divine blueprint so that your natural gifts and genius can shine once more, quickly and efficiently, with ease and grace!

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You already have all the resources you need to create your happy, healthy, prosperous life... Maybe all you need is to turn on the LIGHT! LIGHT WORKS combines Geotran and values-based life coaching to bring more light to your records.

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Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother is the human form of the Grace of God, manifesting your heart's desires. You cannot earn Grace; you can only ask. The divine feminine is all about ordering and receiving, and Grace is the mechanism through which you learn to receive!

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Snow and Silence

Snow and Silence It’s been snowing here in the wilds of Illinois – the first serious snow of the season, although it didn’t last as long as anticipated. Yesterday morning, I got to exercise unaccustomed muscles as I did my neighborly duty and cleared the front pavement. By the time I finished, the back porch…

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night It’s true that Twelfth Night refers to the 12th day of Christmas, which (counting from 25.  December) means the 5th of January, and today is the 7th… but close enough. In two day’s time, there will be a Mathematician’s potluck at a friend’s house, so here is the opportunity to make a galette…

If I had it all my own way…

If I had it all my own way… I’ve been reading some intriguing work about the differences between men and women: The Keys to the Kingdom and The Queen’s Code, both by Alison Armstrong. (Her main website is www.understandmen.com if you’d like to find out about her research. I like that her books are framed…

Almost as good as chocolate!

As I looked for vegan recipes to make the holidays lighter and brighter, I came across this brilliant vegan interpretation of the traditional (steamed) Christmas pudding I enjoyed so much when I lived in England.  In fact, after my return to the US in 1992, we made and gave away dozens of small Xmas puddings…

Boneless Sheep

And now for something completely different… It’s time to talk about boneless sheep, and yes, I will explain. Last night I actually slept well, which is unusual; at least, that’s my story in the past – I’m working on a new sleep story. At any rate, part of my ability to sleep was because I…

The Art of W.A.R.

WORK AVOIDANCE RITUALs or WARs Do you have Work Avoidance Rituals?  Of course you do!  Mine include cooking, reading, knitting, tidying up, FaceBook, Youtube, watching films, and taking baths.  What should I be doing?  Geotran and writing.  For example, this fine Sunday morning I promised myself to finish the final editorial review of Divine Feminine…


HANUKKAH / CHANUKAH – THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT(S) Today – 2. December, 2018 – is that start of Hanukkah, or חֲנֻכָּה, meaning ‘dedication’. Like all Jewish festivals, the celebration starts at sunset. This is even more appropriate when the core ritual is lighting candles. You will have seen a menorah somewhere in your travels, with…


WHO IS THIS DR. KYRE PERSON ANYWAY? It’s snowing.  I lived in the UK for 20 years followed by five years in Vermont, so you’d think I would be used to the colder weather, but sheesh!  Third snow of the season, and it’s not even December!  After 18 years in California, my blood is too…