Further Help and Assistance

There are several people and places I collaborate with and/or recommend if you wish to extend your spiritual journey:

Stephanie Lodge is the founder and queen of the Angelic Academy;  she is an astonishing reader of the lightstream, using direct light transmissions in her healing and teaching work.  We are excited to partner with Angelic Academy in bringing Geotran to a larger group of light-workers.

All Geotran practice and teaching is under the aegis of Geotran International;  the website is  Geotran International’s Executive Director and senior instructor is Dr. Kam Kettering, DC, of Kettering Chiropractic;  his email address is [email protected].

If you have pets that require help, Dr. Jan Wright is the one to contact — she’s a genius with animals as well as practicing and teaching Geotran and CRA.  Her website is, tel. (405) 650-4959‬, email:  [email protected].

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